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The Novice years...
Now we move on to the next step of racing. Getting up the nerve to show up for your first weekend at the track. This is a big step and one that should not be taken lightly. While it is safer than riding on the street due to the reduced number of things out of your control. It is not a risk free way to spend your time. I do however feel that there are other ways to spend your time that are more dangerous. Example : Sitting on the couch wasting away watching sports on TV.
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Racing with WERA...
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So now you have worked up the courage to undertake your first race. You done the paperwork and gotten your Provisional Novice license with WERA. I was fortunate enough to have someone that had been racing for several years show me the ropes of registration procedure, tech and how the day is scheduled to run. This no small task as there are a number of things to take care that will keep you off track if over looked.

I get registered, through tech and prepare for first practice. My nerves are out of control as I near my time to take to the track. I am reminded constantly to just be calm and take it easy and to just make it through the weekend without falling down. Seems simple enough and I keep that thought in my head as I hear 3rd call over the track PA. Roll the bike out to pit lane thinking to myself am I really ready for this. Do I have what it takes to ride a bike well enough to be competitive.

It didn't take long for me to find out the answer to those questions. After I made it around for the first lap my nervousness subsided somewhat and I was soon smacked in the face with the fact that I was slow. Nothing screams you have work to do like Opie Caylor going by on the back tire as the girl in your helmet is screaming for you to slow down.
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