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Going to class...
After surviving a few trackdays it became clear to me I no longer had any interest in riding on the street. It was time to take the next step towards racing and that was to go to school and get licensed. I decided to take the Ed Bargy Racing school classat Jennings GP.
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Ed is a class act and a fabulous teacher that I like to refer as a sage of the sport. He is just packed with knowledge and wisdom about riding and racing. He explains things in a way that is easy to wrap your head around and understand. Then it's on to the track where the on track instrutors to work on the things he has taught you. It all seems simple in the class room but on track you realize how ddificult it is to put everything together that it take to produce a descent lap.
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After a 20 minute session it's back off to the calss room for feedback from the instructors and questions from the pupils. You given more food for though and a chance to get some water back into your systme and then it's back out to the track. This goes on all day and culminates with the "Mock Race". A chance for you to go out and compete head to head with your classmate. The "winner" getting to take home a free video of the days events.

Guess who got to take home a video from his mock race?
It's really funny to think back now about how fast I thought I was leaving the school. It would not take long however at my first race weekend for reality to show me how "fast I wasn't.
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