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Racing with WERA continued...
I get to rounds of practice and realize I have a lot of learning to do. The guys that have been out there for a while are just stinking fast but I didn't freak out and fall down in pracice so maybe I can make a go of this and have some serious fun.
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Taking the first green flag...
I get third call and roll out to my grid position after reading it off the piece of tape on the gas tank. Thankfully that had been put on earlier in the day as my mind was way to busy processing information to recall my grid position. Once you stop in you grid spot time seems to slow as the anticipation grows waiting for the 2 board to 1 then sideways. Then the most nerve wracking thing happens. Every bike around you begins to scream and everyone tears off heading for turn 1. 10 to 30 bikes all trying to squeeze through the same piece of pavement. It crazy,scary and wonderful all at the same time. It means you have made the next are racing!

Don't ask me anything else about that race. The only thing I can tell you for sure is I finished without crashing. That was the only goal of the weekend. Everyone should know the first rule of racing.
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To finish first, First you must finish.
If I have peaked your curiosity and you want to learn more about racing with WERA. You can visit them at their website. Just click on the logo on the right and you'll be taken directly to the world of WERA racing.
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