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Getting started...
After a failed attempt to get an Honda CBR600F3 together and the wife's blessing to go racing I settled for racing 10th scale Electric Touring Sedans. While do so I worked on getting the most important ingredient to go racing which is of course the blessing and support of my wife. Thanks to Anthony Gobert and a few trips to the track to watch the AMA races she soon became comfortable with the idea of me getting off the streets and onto the track. Enter the RC51, a few good freinds and Talladega Gran Prix Raceway.

I managed to talk her into getting an RC51 if I could sell my VFR to someone. As it would turn out that would take less than a day much to her amazement. While I still had not fully convinced myself to go racing it did not take long to realize that I would soon be dead if I continued to ride the RC on the road. So a couple of guys that I rode with, one of which I met racing the rc cars decided we would find a trackday in which to participate.
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Hitting the track...
With the help some friends and gathering the neccessary information Bill Mooney,Steve Halm and myself booked ourselves for a trackday with the Marietta Motorsports guys at Talladega Gran prix Raceway in Anniston,AL. We all got together at my house to prepare the bikes for tha trackday and to make sure we had everything in order before we got to the track. As you can imagine on the morning of the event we are all fairly nervous and at the same time thrilled about participating in a day of riding without the worry of being on the street. No cars. No cops and speed limits. Well except for the one your brain imposes as you think you are about to something stupid.

Here's some video from that day that I now find entertaining in a number of ways. First being silly all of us are that morning. Then to commentary by Bill Beltz and lastly how entirely slow we all were riding.

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