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Welcome to Venom Motorpsorts.
It all started with a Western Auto, Briggs and Stratton powered, solid framed death trap. I call it a death trap because it tried to kill me and I am sure every other kid that was ever allowed to ride one. Square shouldered go-cart tires and a rear friction brake that would barely stop it made for some entertaining moments as a child. It did however let me figure out that I loved the 2 wheeled machines.

Fast forward through numerous dirt bikes and some on/off racing as a kid to a 89 GSXR750R and a good taste of what the paved world had to offer. That leads us to a Honda Hurricane and a serious problem. How to ride one of these things on the public roadway without taking a dirt nap. It did not take more than a couple years to figure out that wasn't going to happen. You just can not ride for long on the street without realizing that every single car around is completely oblivious to you. Hence the problem.
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The Solution - Racing
Watching the MotoGP and AMA guys do this for years it just seemed so out of reach of the everyday guy. You just can not appreciate what those guys do at that level without being a rider and having tried to ride at pace around a race track. One has to reason that this is why the American public just has not become that fans of the sport in the numbers that Nascar has been able to build. I however could not be drawn away from it by any other sporting event.

But how does the common man get into this crazy world of speed and competition? The answer is a combination of Enthusiast organizations, BBS boards,trackday riding and eventually finding yourself in a racing school learning from a sage of speed the basic knowledge needed to aquire and Provisinal novice license.

Sounds like a fun journey doesn't it? I can tell you from personal experience that the path to a WERA license is a non stop roller coaster of joy, frustration and money.
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